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Create A Bundle

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$15 for each MERV-13 air filter!

  • MERV 13 (captures very small particles like bacteria in addition to the larger dust, pollen, and smoke particles)
  • Nanofiber Technology (able to capture small particles without restricting airflow)
  • Pleated Design
  • Made in the USA

Buy the exact size and quantity of air filters you need for your home with our bundle ordering tool.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Easy and effective!

Love how easy it is to order this subscription so I am never going without filters!

Veena P.
Wonderful service

Got the package very quickly. Excellent condition. Beautifully packed and got a surprise on opening the box - everything packed in colorful tissue paper and with a little guitar pick. Used it to help me replace my filters easily.

Matt Hannam
Nice filters

These are good filters. I've got a handful of filter sizes that I need for my house. I made a bundle so I could get them all at once (and on a subscription).