How to Know It's Time to Change Your Air Filters

When to Replace your Air Filter

Like most people, you probably don't think much about your air filter. While it may be out of sight out of mind a majority of the time, your air filter is an integral part of your home comfort system, and if it's not replaced regularly, it can lead to poor indoor air quality.

In today’s blog post, the Airzey team will go over a few of the signs that it may be time to change or your air filter. 


How to Know It's Time to Change Your Filter

How can you determine when to change your air filter? Here are the top telltale signs:

Dust on the Filter

When you see a heavy layer of dust on your air filter, it is one of the clearest signals that your filter needs to be replaced. This dust comprises diverse particles, including pollen, pet dander, and even mold spores.

The easiest strategy to limit the amount of dust and other particles in your home is to replace your air filter regularly. You might need to change your filter more frequently if you have numerous pets or live in a polluted location.

An Influx of Dust Around the House

An uptick in dust on surfaces or in the air is likely due to a clogged air filter. A new air filter will help return your home to a safe particle level.

The surrounding air quality also affects how often your filter should be replaced. For example, construction work and high pollution levels cause poor air quality. If your home is exposed to those factors, you may need to replace your filter more frequently.

Filters changed regularly


Your HVAC is not cooling/heating properly

It is helpful to monitor if your HVAC unit is heating/cooling as per the setpoint on your thermostat. If there is a big gap between the “Set Temperature” and “Actual Temperature'', it may indicate a clogged filter. Check the filter and replace if it is clogged.
Additionally, your HVAC/air conditioning system may occasionally overheat and shut off entirely due to a clogged filter. Make sure to routinely check your air filter and change it if necessary to prevent this issue

Heightened Allergies

Your body will never lie to you. Are your allergies acting up more than usual? Then, there's a good possibility that your HVAC system's filter is dirty and needs to be replaced.

If you find yourself sneezing more, have watery eyes, or have a runny nose more often than usual, it's time to check your HVAC filter. A clean filter will help to remove allergens from the air and make your home a happier and healthier place for everyone.

Abnormal Smell

An abnormal smell from your vents indicates that it's time to replace your air filter. The function of an air filter is to clean the air that circulates through your HVAC system.

However, it can become clogged with visible dirt, dust, and other airborne particles over time. When this happens, the air filter can't do its job correctly, and the air in your home can start to smell musty or stale.

If you notice an abnormal smell coming from your air vents, it's a good idea to check your air conditioner's filter to see if it needs to be replaced.

You should be able to determine whether the filter is unclean or not with only a fast visual inspection. If it's covered in dirt, dust, or other debris, it's time to replace it.

Drop in Airflow

Reduced airflow from your vents will always be one of the first signs it's time to replace your air filter. If you have a pleated filter, it may be as simple as dust and debris accumulating on the surface, which is easy to see.

If you have a fiberglass or mesh filter, you may need to hold it up to a light to see if it's time for a replacement. As a general rule, check your filter once a month, and replace it if it seems clogged.

Increase in Power Bills

Many people think they can save money by not regularly replacing their filters. The thought process here being, less money is being spent on the filter themselves. While you may be saving money by not purchasing air filters, it will cost you more in the long run. As dirt and debris build up and cause your air conditioning system to work less efficiently.

Aside from that, a dirty air filter leads to an increase in your power bills. That's because air conditioning systems must work harder to push air through dirty filters. As a result, it causes an energy spike and costs you more money. So, if you've noticed a sudden increase in your monthly power bill, it might be time to change your air filter.

Importance of Changing Your Air Filter

A hectic schedule or budget constraints might cause you to delay changing your filter. Here are four key reasons not to put off this essential task:

Improve Air Quality

A dirty air filter is the cause of poor indoor air quality. In addition to enhancing indoor air quality, a clean air filter increases the lifespan of your HVAC system. To guarantee that you and your family breathe the purest air possible, check and replace your air filters regularly. If you have a hard time remembering when your air filter needs to be replaced, a filter subscription with Airzey can help. 

With an Airzey subscription, you can get the right air filters for your home as soon as you need them. 

Improved Comfort

Changing your air filter can play a significant role in the overall comfort of your home as well. Aside from the air that you’re breathing and how that makes you feel, an air filter that hasn’t been changed can make it difficult for your HVAC system to cool your home down. With a dirty filter, your HVAC is going to struggle to push cool air into the rest of your home which can leave your home warmer than usual. 

Reduce Dust

Dust can be a problem for people suffering from respiratory allergies or asthma and can contribute to other respiratory issues. Reducing the dust in your home can help improve your family's health and well-being.

To guarantee that you and your family breathe easier, check and replace your air filters regularly. A clean air filter can trap many of the airborne particles that contribute to dust, and it can also help improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Allergy Relief

If you or a family member has allergies, you know how crucial it is to have a clean home. Air filters play a significant role in keeping your home's air quality safe and your allergies at bay.

A lot of dust and pollen can collect in your air filter, which can then be circulated back into the air in your home. It may exacerbate allergies and worsen their symptoms. Regular air filter replacements can enhance indoor air quality and lower the number of allergens in your house.

Energy Efficiency

When trying to circulate air around your home, your system may have to work more than necessary due to a dirty air filter.

This not only wastes energy, but it can also lead to premature wear and tear on your system, which can end up costing you more money in the long run. By changing your air filter regularly, you can help keep your system running efficiently and save money on your energy bill.

Importance of changing air filter

Get Your Air Filters Right, On Time

What is the recommended frequency of air filter replacement? It depends on a few different things, such as the filter you're using and the surroundings in which your air conditioner is placed.

In general, your air filter needs to be changed every three months. However, you might need to replace it more frequently if you have pets or live in a region that experiences a lot of dust.

Airzey offers a subscription service that delivers air filters to your front door when it's time to replace your current filter. This takes the guesswork out of replacing your air filter and ensures you always have a fresh, clean filter in your AC unit.